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Genoa is a northern Italian city of approximately 650,000 inhabitants, situated on the Italian Riviera. Off the beaten path of mass tourism, Genoa offers an authentic, full immersion experience in contemporary Italian life, increasing the chance to practice speaking Italian outside the classroom.

Genoa’s vibrant cultural scene includes the world-class Carlo Felice Opera House, festivals and museums. The stunning historical palaces are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The medieval quarter is the largest in Europe. The Porto Antico, the waterfront restored by the Genovese architect Renzo Piano, is a tourist attraction with museums, shops, restaurants, cinemas and the world-famous Aquarium.
Genoa’s strategic position allows easy access Milan and Turin and many famous Alpine ski resorts. The nearby Cinque Terre, a jewel of the Mediterranean, with their picturesque seaside paths clinging to the mountains, attract many tourists.

The world-famous Mediterranean diet has its origins in the healthy cuisine of Liguria. Some of its best-loved specialties are pesto and focaccia. Typical desserts include canestrelli, pandolce and sacripantina. While fish, vegetable-based dishes and olive oil predominate, the cuisine of Liguria is varied and offers something for every taste!


For our clients, Study in Italy is happy to help with all practical aspects of your stay, including housing. We help find the right housing solution for your needs, whether it is a hotel, apartment or bed & breakfast.

For your travel needs, we have the right travel agent for you. If you need advice on excursions, or wish to add travel to your study package, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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