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Learn Italian the communicative way!

Language and Culture Courses

Study in Italy offers beginning, intermediate and advanced courses of Italian language and culture. Small groups allow for focused, tailor-made instruction.
Our on-site testing will place you in the appropriate level. Choose the length of course that best suits you, from 1 week to 3 months.

Choose the intensity

La Grande Bellezza

Morning lessons lasting two hours per day allow the student to enjoy free time to explore authentic Italian daily life and sites of interest. An emphasis on oral communication is complemented by presentation of Italian grammar and lexicon.

La Strada

More intensive lessons lasting four hours per day focus on an analysis of grammatical structures, idioms and vocabulary. Presentation of authentic texts allows for study of culture while improving language skills. Students practice conversation in coordinated contextualized sessions.


Advanced Courses

books-441866_640In addition to language courses, Study in Italy offers advanced courses such as introduction to Italian Literature and/or culture. These courses may last four weeks or more. Advanced oral and written expression is given special attention along with the focus on different aspects of Italian culture such as history, geography, politics, cinema, music, media, and literary genres. Survey of Italian Literature includes works by main authors; courses on a particular theme may be organized on request.

Study In Italy

Students during outdoor class

Culture Packages

Culture Packages complement the above courses, introducing students to Italian art, history and contemporary life! Check out culture pack options!